As many as 12,000 KFSU members gathered at Seoul city hall square for national workers day, protesting regressive labor reforms, demanding the elimination of discrimination in precarious workers and calling for President Park Geun-Hye’s resignation.
“Service workers, let’s sing hope”   Every year, all service workers of KFSU take part in union members education. This year was held in all over the country on the topic of “The principal labor policy, Trade Union and Korean domestic economy”
Title is “Thanks to the trade union” The meeting was held at the Manila Century Park Hotel in the Philippines. KFSU president spoke out in meeting that the labor repression and discrimination in Korea. Union representatives discussed how to organization of trade unions.
The musical tells story about the Mart workers. It was opened in Seoul and Busan successfully.
They strong demand immediate release Han Sang Gyun KCTU president. And they promise to extend an international solidarity action to preserve the universal human rights, workers rights and freedom of speech. Therefore, they say that their struggle will continue until immediate release of Bro. Han and stop the evil-like labor policies.
President Moon Jae-in shakes hands with Korean Confederation of Trade Unions President Kim Myung-hwan in advance of their discussion at the Blue House on Jan. 19. (provided by Blue House) The announcement came following a meeting between labor executives and President Moon After ...
One million candles in central Seoul call for Pres. Park’s resignation Posted on : Nov.13,2016 13:01 KST Modified on : Nov.13,2016 13:01 KST The South Korean people demonstrated their power with the biggest public assembly since 1987 During a massive rally held in Seoul on the af...
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